About Heaven Homes

Providing guidance to families in the sale and purchase of their homes for more than 20yrs.

Our Mission

We're more than just a company engaged in property transactions

We're a dedicated team genuinely concerned about our clients, their unique circumstances, and their future. Our rapid growth is a result of our unwavering commitment to providing the highest standards of service to our clients. Our team members have personally experienced a range of life events, including foreclosures, divorces, family losses, job changes, property sales, and property purchases. These firsthand experiences have given us valuable insights into the challenges and emotions that accompany these situations. When we established Heaven Buys Homes, we made it a priority to ensure that our acquisition specialists would be empathetic to our client's situations and sensitive to their needs. When you choose to work with us, you're not just working with specialists; you're working with individuals who understand your unique circumstances and can truly relate to you. Our commitment to you is complete transparency, and we'll stand with you every step of the way, from the beginning to the end of the process.

Who We Are

Heaven Buys Homes was established in the state of Washington and has built its reputation and client relationships by delivering the utmost in customer service. With a team of seven employees, Heaven Buys Homes boasts a collective experience of more than four decades in the real estate sector.

Constant communication

We commit to maintaining continuous communication with you throughout the entire process, whether you are seeking to sell or purchase. We will be there with you from the initial step to the final one, addressing all your inquiries and ensuring you stay informed about the progress of the process.

Negotiation Experts

With our collective years of experience in the real estate industry, we have achieved significant success in assisting our clients in securing the most favorable and competitive offers for their properties through our adept negotiation techniques and skills.

Market Analysis

When it comes to assessing value, we are the experts. Our team will meticulously and thoughtfully compile and furnish you with the most precise and relevant data regarding your property or the property you're interested in, equipping you to make the most informed financial decisions.

In-House Brokers

What sets us apart is our dual role as both home buyers and property listing experts, allowing our clients to maximize their financial returns. By handling everything internally, we have the capability to secure the highest returns, ultimately putting more money in your pocket.

Access to MLS

Utilizing the Multiple Listing Service, our in-house brokers enable the exchange of property listings among their counterparts, with the goal of linking potential homebuyers to sellers.

Compassionate Service

We extend our services beyond the ordinary transaction, recognizing that many of our clients find themselves in distinctive circumstances. Our firm genuinely empathizes with our clients' experiences, addressing not only their financial considerations but also the emotional aspects.

How we have helped our clients

Heaven Buys Homes initially specialized in pre-foreclosures and continues to focus on this area. The owner and other team members have personally experienced the challenges of pre-foreclosure, and our primary goal is to assist clients in overcoming the difficulties associated with foreclosure. Clients turn to us because we are effective in achieving results. Our services extend beyond just making an offer; we often cover real estate commissions, dumpster fees, minor expenses, closing costs, moving expenses, and more. We hold our clients and their future in high regard, and we are willing to do whatever it takes to ensure their satisfaction.


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Ready to find the perfect home?

Heaven Buys Homes goes beyond purchasing and listing properties; we also aid clients in finding their ideal homes that precisely meet their needs. Our commitment is to discover the ideal match for you. Additionally, we frequently strive to keep everything in-house, which means that partnering with us may offer you the opportunity to buy your home at a potentially discounted rate.